Clare Hickman is a medical and landscape historian who aims to encourage broader thinking about garden spaces and their central role within British culture and society. She believes that gardens are much more than treats for the eye, they feed all the senses and form the backdrop to a full range of human and animal activities.

Currently a Lecturer in History at the University of Chester, and a Wellcome Fellow, she is immersed in the subject area and hopes that as a sector we can inspire and enthuse future generations with the delights of landscape history.

Clare can be contacted at or for more on her research and public engagement, please visit 


Linden Groves is a landscape historian with a passion for engaging wider audiences in historic designed landscapes. She is particularly interested in children in the historic environment, and this work has led her to conclude that finding the human interest in heritage sites is essential if we are to make the subject appealing to a wide audience.

Garden history holds some truly amusing, intriguing and gripping stories so we just need to get better at telling them!

Linden can be contacted at, or for more detail on her work, please look at